About Our Products

We aim to provide our customers with a well-edited selection of thoughtfully sourced products. Here is what we look for:

Efficacy and Safety

The products we stock are among the most effective we've found. Using my knowledge as a licensed esthetician I ensure that every product has been put to the test by us before we recommend it for you. 

Avoid questionable ingredients

While many of our products can be considered "natural" we don't shy away from clinical skincare.  We believe that skin care is a complex science, whether it's clinical or natural. What matters to us most is that the products we sell are effective, safe, and as "clean" as possible without sacrificing results.

Healthy and Scientifically backed ethos

Each company we parter with is backed by thoughtful, well-educated people in the world of skincare. These companies have invested a great deal of time in developing their products, ensuring that they are both effective and healthy for your skin.  Our smaller product partners focus more on their product formulations than their marketing, and while some have been around for a decade others are relatively unknown.  We love scouring the globe to find effective and unusual products to bring to our customers.